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Welcome to the exciting new website of well... uh... well... mine! I'm Mariusz but some call me Maryushi-san (with "san" sometimes written with a "3") or just Mary.

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Visit my portfolio

Exploring this options leads to my professional website.

My photography, graphics design, printed media and software development works are just a mouse-click away. There are some blog posts/rants planned too! Also, you can contact me through there, should you so desire.

See the games I've played

This one is a link to my Trello board with hopefully eventually a complete list of games I've played. With their respective ratings, statues and some with notes. (in Polish)

It really is accessible on the Internet! Just like electronic mail (e-mail), latest news and financial informations and other Web sites from around the world.

Discover the anime I've seen

"AniList" allows creating personalized lists of anime seen and manga read, keep track of them and rate them.

This option gets you to my AniList profile.

Lately I've been wanting to watch more anime than I actually watch, so this list is a bit stale.

Check out this project

I've made this website from the ground up as a hobby project and raw font-end development excercise for myself. It was lots of fun moving things by single pixels.

I'm very happy with the end result. It's up on my GitHub too. Go check it out! (may not always be up to date)

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