My homepage on The Internet


Hi! I’m Mary (or Maryushi-san, or just Mariusz).

I’m addicted to wide variety of music. I can play some musical instruments too (guitar, piano, accordion, some drums and what have you). I like aesthetics of 1990s/2000s and technology of today with smarphones and PC hardware being the main interest. Video games are close to my heart too, especially the ones from around 7th generation era and whole rhythm genre. I speak Japanese a little and would love to learn it properly. I’m passionate about learning about the culture of different Asian countries. Being able to join local community of people fascinated with Asia as a whole is what made this field of interest bloom in me. In there I do event photography, graphic design, website administration and naturally some speaking.

From time to time I try to take some more artsy photos, and I’m what you could call a chromatic aberration enjoyer. Beer is not my cup of tea but a well brewed tea definitely is. I know a thing or two about plenty of things.


This site serves as my place that I could direct people to when they ask “oh, you do photography, where can I see your photos?” or “what do you do that you are proud of?”. The site itself is also a fruit of few evenings of labor and my fascination with Windows 98-esque aesthetics. It’s heavily inspired by 98.css. You can see a previous version at https://mary.moe/welcome which was also my attempt to re-create Windows 98 welcome screen. I’m still thinking about where I could add some color or dithered cloud images…

As for why this domain, it should be pretty obvious. I like Asian/anime/manga/cute things and “dot moe” is a perfect tld for me for just this reason. Other than that the domain itself is short and doesn’t leave any doubts as to how it’s spelled when it’s said.


Please take a look around the contents on this site and if anything catches your eye, feel free to contact me! You can do so by e-mailing “mary” at this domain. From there we can move onto Matrix (element), Discord, Skype, Telegram or whatever.