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Virtualist (available at for Windows and Mac and for Android and iOS on their respective app stores) was made by me and my friends at Pixel Legend. It started as a simple multiplatform ArchVis app. Along with changing market needs the concept of the app also changed. In its final (at the time of writing this) form it is a collaboration and meeting tool tailored for architects. It was made to be  accessible for 3D artists and less computer savvy people too. It is made with a modified Unreal Engine 4.

Its features include:

  • creating scenes organized into projects synced with the cloud,
  • viewing same scenes on variety of devices: desktop, mobile, VR and AR,
  • 3D model (fbx, dae, obj), and texture importer
  • Google Poly importer
  • premade primitive shapes
  • material editor
  • GPS pinning of scenes,
  • asynchronous multi-singleplayer multimedia notes,
  • VR specific interactions (UI, 3D spatial drawings, item grabbing),
  • embedding web content into scenes,
  • and almost all of that working in online multiplayer.

And that’s just a couple of videos demonstrating only a small subset of Virtualist’s features.

My responsibilities in this project included:

  • implementing majority of VR-centric features, including UI
  • developing an UI based designs (desktop/mobile/VR)
  • implementing multimedia notes system
  • few smaller features 😉